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Local Artist Goes Commercial, Takes Top Honors @ Debut Exibit

05 March 2016   Jim Kleczewski

Prescott Center For the Arts Exhibit Runs Now Through March 25th

Prescott, AZ -- After a lifetime commitment of creating fine art, local artist Ken Boskoff finally decided to go professional for the first time by submitting his artwork for a juried exhibit with the Prescott Center For the Arts. Competing with a number of local artists to be featured in the “Shape of Things” exhibit, Boskoff’s work was not only selected, but earned “Best of Show” honors. The current Prescott Center For the Arts exhibit runs now through March 25th. The art center is located at 208 N. Marina Street in Prescott.

On Friday, February 26, at the official launch event for the exhibit, and in conjunction with Prescott’s 4th Friday Art Walk, Boskoff was honored again when he won the “People’s Choice Award” (attendees voting for their favorite art). The specific piece that won is named Cosmic Candy.

“I am surprised and honored to have these awards bestowed upon me, especially since this is my first outing, the initial release of my work to the public” remarked Boskoff.

Last year, Boskoff made the decision to commercialize his art and recently contacted galleries to introduce his work. He markets his art under the brand name Bozko.

A Prescott resident, he spent most of his life in Maui, Hawaii. At the age of 19, he put his goals to be a professional artist on hold in order to support his family and entered the construction industry. Over the years, he became a licensed contractor building customer homes on the island, including multi-million dollar oceanfront homes as well as several homes in American Ranch after moving to Prescott. While living in Hawaii, he began surfing at the age of seven and sailing when he turned 10. He now is dedicating fulltime to pursue his primary love, that of being a professional artist.

Boskoff refers to his art style as modern psychedelic, influenced by his connection to island/ocean life and Eastern philosophy. “Island time is the heart and soul of island life and that is evident in my work” said Boskoff. Working with mixed mediums on canvas, his abstract work is bold and energetic, featuring vibrant colors, and in some cases, added elements or texture to his work to make it dimensional. Many of his pieces are large in size, some as big as 5 feet by 8 feet. His first piece painting was completed over 50 years ago in high school. It was so well received, his artwork was displayed in the school cafeteria for a full year.

He currently is pursuing a business model transforming his art (art for everyday living) into a beachwear clothing line, including swim wear, beach towels and sarongs (swim wraps), as well as high-end t-shirts, tote bags, surf boards and even home decor fabrics – all with a focus on organic cotton, bamboo and hemp, materials grown from the earth in a regenerative way.

Because of his love for ocean and sea life, he will donate 10% of sales to the Ocean Conservancy, one of the most prominent and oldest non-profit organizations dedicated to preserving ocean life by creating preserves and banning the commercial fishing of endangered sea life.

Boskoff will also be the featured artist at the Prescott Center For the Arts this spring. For more information about Ken Boskoff or to view the Bozko Art portfolio, visit