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SafeLaunch & Wing Families

23 August 2016   Sally Schindel

Our invitation for you to enter into a special relationship and become a Wing Family.

Our families are Wing Families. This means our children's names are permanently affixed under a wing of the SafeLaunch airplane that flies to airshows with a program of primary drug use prevention for kids. Sadly it means our children died at a young age. They are part of the Wind Beneath our Wings tribute to young people with lives cut short by substance abuse.

Our participation in the SafeLaunch program is one of the most healing things we have found to do in our journey through the grief of missing our children. Our participation in the SafeLaunch Wind Beneath our Wings flying memorial program brings new meaning to their short lives. It enables their stories to inspire other young people and parents to understand that adolescent exposure to addictive substances will devastate families.

One of the things quickly learned after a child's death is that memories are all that remain and they become very vivid and precious. Then we discovered Wind Beneath our Wings and created NEW memories with our children. Each time the plane is painted by kids in the SafeLaunch drug education program, they are teaching kids and their parents and saving families from the devastation we experienced in our families.

We wish this experience for other families who have experienced the tragedy of substance abuse that ended with a child's life cut short. Our public memorial helps begin conversations and education and works to reduce the stigmas that have too long existed about the topics of substance use disorders. It is a very healing experience for many. Do you know anyone who would benefit from joining our Wing Family? Please share this information.

The Wind Beneath our Wings Program, A Flying Memorial

Sally and Gregg Schindel, Prescott, AZ Parents of Andy Zorn, age 31

Jill and Glenn Martin, Prescott, AZ Parents of Joey Martin, age 22

Bonnie and Floyd Waite, Prescott, AZ Parents of J.P. Waite, age 35

There is a rare opportunity to see the Safelaunch plane in Prescott at the AOPA Fly-In at the airport on October 1, 2016. Submission of a name and story to Wind Beneath our Wings before September 10 will allow local families to see the plane in person and participate in a special memorial and tribute to our children on Saturday, October 1.