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Meet Aaron!

22 April 2016   Lisa Sahady

Be a Mentor!

Children right here in Prescott Valley need you. Over 100 children are waiting to be matched with a community mentor in the Quad City area. These children face various forms of adversity, but Yavapai Big Brothers Big Sisters helps by matching each child with a caring adult. Can you volunteer eight hours per month to give a child a better life?

Meet Aaron, an artistic 15 year old. Aaron lives with his mother and two younger siblings. His mother describes him as compassionate and empathetic. Aaron enjoys painting and sculpting, as well as working out at the gym. Aaron does well in school and has good relationships with his friends. Aaron needs a Big Brother who will encourage his talents and help him build his self confidence.

As a mentor, adults spend time with a ‘Little’ who has similar interests two or three days per month. Activities do not need to be expensive or take much effort. For instance, Aaron would like a Big Brother to talk with and just hang out. Imagine doing what you like to do - going to the movies or enjoying the entertainment district – and taking a ‘Little’ like Aaron with you.

If you are ready to step up and mentor Aaron or another waiting Little, and to join our elite and impactful group of Bigs, contact YBBBS at 778-5135, go to for more information or “Like” us on Facebook. You can also team up with your spouse or family to mentor together, or take part in a school-based program that requires just one hour of weekly mentoring.