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Bowl for Kids' Sake Kicks Off Celebrations

01 March 2009  

Bowling for Kids does far more than benefit Big Brothers Big Sisters. It builds relationships for kids in our communities.

Pizza Hut: Golden Pizza Award: Samantha, Little Sister, Kathleen Murphy, CEO (Sam’s Big Sister), Angie Keller Prescott Pizza Hut Manager, Donald Beauchamp, Pizza Hut Area general manager, Bethany Schecker, Pizza hut PV Manager, and Yvonne Rogers with YBBBS.

Yavapai County’s largest fund raising campaign benefiting children kicked off the first of several celebration parties this week-end.  The Bowl For Kids’ Sake campaign encourages people to put together pledge solicitation teams and raise money for Yavapai Big Brothers Big Sisters programs that help at risk youth shape a brighter today and future.

To Thank participants for raising funds, YBBBS hosts the BEST party in town.  For 2 week-ends we take over every bowling house in the County.  We offer a high energy party with free bowling, Pizza Hut Pizza, Coke, and prizes from dozens of local businesses.  YBBBS has been hosting Bowl for Kids’ Sake for nearly 20 years.

The event raises enough funds to make and maintain hundreds of “Matches” between at risk youth and responsible caring adult mentors.

This year economic conditions have certainly made it difficult, but die hard sponsors, like Pizza Hut and Coca Cola, kept our head above water.  This year, Pizza Hut was awarded the “Golden Pizza Award signifying 10 years and thousands of Pizza’s in support of YBBBS.  “ We’re proud to help such an important community organization; Pizza Hut cosistantly supports our community and our youth through sponsoring organizations like Yavapai Big Brothers Big Sisters, we’re thankful for the opportunity.”  Explained Pizza Hut Regional Manager Donald Beauchamp.

Wulfsberg and Texas Roadhouse: Yvonne Rogers, YBBBS, and the Texas Roadhouse mascot, Archie the Armadillo.

"This year we’ve added something different- another Bowl date," explained Kathleen Murphy, YBBBS CEO, "to ensure we raise the funds needed, YBBBS is hosting a special “over the top” bowl March 28th for teams that were unable to participate at the normal time, and date.  If you’re interested, please call YBBBS at 778-5135."

Bowl for Kids’ Sake is truly a community event, with over 1000 bowlers, 10,000 donors, and dozens of businesses who offer their dollars and products/ services.  Jim Horton, and the Yavapai College teams raised almost $4,000 in pledges, including a pledge from Fain Signature Group that funded the Championship Soccer Team’s Bowling Team.

Organizations that couldn’t put together Teams found other ways to help.  For example, New Frontiers Natural Market gave 15% of their total sales from Feb. 18th to YBBBS, The Texas Roadhouse sent their armadillo mascot, prizes and bowling teams to support the cause.

Like most charities, YBBBS has seen a decrease in funding, and volunteer support.  Bowl for Kids’ Sake is a grass roots activity, where individuals pledge a relatively small amount in support of a friend or relative’s efforts to help YBBBS.  We’re really close to our goal, and with the “Over the Top Bowl” we hope to… well, go over the top.  The dollars raised go directly to helping us match children with caring adult mentors,” explains Dave Seigler, YBBBS Spokesman. “We need the support now more than ever before.”  To pledge, learn more, or to become a Big Brother or Big Sister, please call YBBBS at 778-5135, or on the web at www.azbigs.org.

Contact Dave Seigler @ 899-8878

Yavapai College: president Jim Horton and some of the college teams, including players from the Championship Soccer team.

Yavapai Big Brothers Big Sisters

Who:  Yavapai Big Brothers Big Sisters
What:  Bowl For Kids Sake
Where: Prescott Valley, Prescott, Verde Valley
When: Now through March 8th- and now extended to March 28th!!

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