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Child of the Week: Zach

13 June 2008   Traci Marks
Zach is a mentor to three kindergartners, but now he'd love to have a mentor, too.

coofweek2.jpgZack lives in Prescott Valley with his mom and older sister. He’s been waiting over a year to be matched with a Big Brother. Zack hopes it won’t take much longer to find a match because he and his mom agree that Zack needs a stable male role model in his life to spend time doing “guy things” with.

Zack knows what it’s like to be a role model; he’s a mentor to three kindergartners in the “Champ Program” at his school. Zack enjoys being a mentor in the program because he wants to help his little buddies feel more comfortable at school and adjust to their environment there more easily. He and his young friends have play dates together that include activities such as eating popsicles and flying kites. Zack says being a mentor has given him more confidence and hopes that confidence will transition with him into middle school next fall.

When away from school, Zack spends quality time with his mom raising animals and tending to their vegetable garden. Zack lives with two dogs. His dog is a sweet shepherd-Lab mix named Chunk, after a character in “The Goonies” movie. He also chases the two roosters and eight chickens that live in his backyard along with a cat. Zack misses the goats they once had in their menagerie too. He truly is an animal lover; and is considering becoming a vet one day … or a geologist.

An avid rock collector, Zack has a plethora of precious and common stones. He’s been collecting rocks since the time he could pick them up. He recalls visiting the Grand Canyon Caverns with his mom where they hunted for rocks. Zack’s favorite rocks are the shiny and sparkly ones.

Zack is looking for a Big Brother who wants to spend time outdoors hiking, fishing and camping. He says camping is fun because he gets to be with family and friends away from TV and video games. As he simply puts it, “It’s just the great outdoors…and mosquitoes.”

Zack isn’t just nature boy though. Like many kids his age, Zack plays video games, likes to watch action/ adventure movies (his favorite being “Jaws”) and play sports. He also enjoys baking delicious treats and learning how to prepare dishes using organic food and herbs. Zack is also a great help to his mom, who makes natural soap and lotions. Cherie calls him a great salesman when she displays her products at events because he is a charming and knowledgeable young man.

Zack needs a guy in his life – a Big Brother who can help him find his way down a difficult road. Are you man enough? Call 778-5135 to learn about the many ways you can make a difference that will last for generations!

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