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Today, the McCains will open their campaign office, meet with the local Chambers and hold a Town Hall with Cobham Aerospace Industries

Furious Protesters Ask for a Re-Vote of the Presidential Preference Election at Crowded Legislative Hearing

Arizona Diamondbacks May be Set to Shake Things Up This Year

From BB guns and .22 Rifles, to Shotguns and Bows, Hands-on Fun Awaits

Easter Services in Quad-City Area

Are you looking for a church to attend on Easter? 

Despite Being Focused on Arizona, Many of the Signatures Appeared to Come from Residents of Other States

Yep. Trump and Hillary won. But you knew that. But, what about some of the behind-the-numbers information that might provide a bit of insight?

Requesting an Early Ballot for the Presidential Preference Election?

If Arizona Campaign Donations Were Ballots, Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Florida, Would Have the State’s Primary Sewed Up

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