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Prescott Gun Club Podcast Launched on QuadPod

13 February 2017   QuadPod

Online Talk Show to focus on Firearms Safety and Training

On February 08, 2017, QuadPod, central Arizona’s podcast portal, launched its newest podcast series, The Prescott Gun Club. On a monthly basis, guest hosts Donald Grier, and his wife Elizabeth, the owners of the Prescott Gun Club, talk with Guy Roginson of QuadPod about all things firearms, including safety and training.

“Donald Grier, is also an attorney and NRA certified instructor and that is why I am so excited about this podcast series. Arizona has one of the highest rates of gun ownership in the country. In fact, Arizona has the largest number of U.S. Federal Firearms License Holders per capita in the United States. Yet, I’ve seen very little ongoing talk, especially on a local level, about firearms safety and training online. That’s why I approached Don and his wife, Elizabeth, about joining us on QuadPod to have an ongoing discussion about firearms in order to better educate and train the public. There’s no one better to partner with than a skilled firearms instructor and range owner who is also highly educated in the law,” said Guy Roginson of

"We are thrilled to be working with Guy Roginson and to spread the word about firearms, firearm safety and the variety of firearm topics to inform the general public of information related to shooting sports. Education about firearms, safety and training are of the utmost importance that come with the responsibility of firearm ownership" said Grier.

The Prescott Gun Club ( is Prescott’s only indoor shooting range, with retail merchandise and training classes encompassing a wide variety of firearm and related self-defense courses. It is not only designed for the experienced, avid shooter, but also for the novice and occasional shooter with a special emphasis for women shooters. The overall safety of shooters and spectators is a priority that has received special attention in the design and construction of the range. Prescott Gun Club’s indoor range meets or surpasses military specifications for indoor shooting facilities. State-of-the-art range equipment includes a high speed target carrier system and a high volume filtered ventilation system effectively removing smoke, lead and other contaminants from the shooter.

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