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Five Helpful Windows PC Shortcuts

27 August 2016  

Windows Computers are Full of Little Helpful Shortcuts

Whether you're using Windows 7, 8, or 10, these quick little tips can help save you time, and be more effecient at work.

  1. Working on a spreadsheet at the office and want to be able to see your email at the same time? Hold down the Windows key (look left of your spacebar) and press right. Then select the other window, and press left. This will push the windows to the sides of the screen, allowing you to see both at the same time.
  2. Want to take a screenshot of your screen like you can on a smartphone? Hold down that Windows key again and press the "PRTSCR" button. That is shorthand for "print screen," and the button itself usually lives to the right of the "F12" key.
  3. Do you have pesky coworkers that look in on your computer while you're out to lunch? Lock them out of your computer by hitting that Windows key and "L" together. This does the same job as if you clicked on start, and when through the process of locking your computer. When you return to your desk, just type in your password.
  4. Need to increase the screen size to read that small print email? Hold down that trusty Windows key again and press the "+" key. Try looking for it to the left of your "Backspace" key. All finished and need to zoom back out? Hold the Windows key and press the "-" key.
  5. Need to quickly see all the files you've got? Hold down the Windows key and press the "E" key. This will bring up your file explorer so you can dive right into those documents.

Do you have a set of shortcuts that you can't live without? Write them in the comments below so everyone can try out your awesome work flow!

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Ryan Scissons

Ryan is an Arizona native, and has lived in Prescott since he was 4. He is a 2015 graduate from Prescott High School.