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So you want to be a Firefighter?

29 August 2019   Leah Clickavage

Some people dream of being in a career but don’t take the steps to make it a reality.

This is the story of two young men who are taking steps with the help of Northern Arizona Council of Governments (NACOG) to start the down the path of their lifelong ambition to be a firefighter.

Seth Jackson and Jayden Probst are firefighting trainees in beautifully remote Crown King Arizona through NACOG’s Summer Youth Work Experience program.  

Both Seth and Jayden enthusiastically credit NACOG for placing them in a position where they can learn and really see what a career in firefighting would be like.  On a recent monitoring visit we caught up with them and asked them about the like and dislikes so far.

“I like working outdoors, this would be an amazing career and I love the people I work with” Jayden answered to the question name three things you like about this job?  Seth said he liked, “Pulling out the big trucks, talking with his coworkers and going on calls.”   They both had no dislikes beyond the paperwork.

The trainees feel they fit well into the tight knit community of Crown King. While spending time with each one individually each one shared the story of being on a rescue of a woman who was overcome while hiking.  It was a long hike to get to her then they signaled in a helicopter to pick her up. What they didn’t expect was that the helicopter pilot offered them a ride out of the canyon. They were expecting a long hike out but instead got a story for their grandchildren; their first helicopter ride.

Along with adventures and hard work, the young men have already earned certifications from FEMA in Incident command, Incident command system for initial response and Intro to the National Incident Management System.  They have also earned certification from the Crown King Fire Department in Dispatch training and General Recruit training.  Continuing with Firefighter training through On the Job Training will assist with their goal in becoming Certified Wildland Firefighters/Emergency Medical Technicians.  

Chief Ian Dougherty has been great in welcoming the new members to the fire department and making sure their experience is as good for the trainees as well as for the Crown King Fire District.  He is also grateful for the help NACOG provides through the Summer Youth Program and plans to continue every year going forward.

If you are a young adult, ages 16-24, looking for career opportunities, please contact NACOG at 928-778-1422 or visit for more information.