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"Dentaltainment™" Is The New National Trend in Pediatric Dentistry

07 March 2016  

Founded in Prescott, "Dentaltainment™" Is The New National Trend in Pediatric Dentistry 

Prescott, AZ., March 07, 2016 - The most innovative pediatric dentists are changing the way children feel about going to the dentist by creating an environment inspired by Disneyland, "The Happiest Place on Earth". The national franchise, KidZaam, was started in Prescott, AZ. by Dr. Al Higgins and has Arizona based offices in Prescott, Prescott Valley, Cottonwood and Phoenix. KidZaam Pediatric Dentists treat children between the ages of 1 to 15 years of age in an environment that immerses the young dental patients in entertainment, happiness, safety and security.

KidZaam combines Pediatric Dentistry and Entertainment into something the KidZaam dentists and staff members call "Dentaltainment™". Their offices capture the imaginations and emotions of the children, producing positive experiences and fun memories while dealing with real oral health issues. KidZaam staff members, known as “Agents” at KidZaam, are extraordinary cast members, specially dressed while playing out entertaining roles for young patients and their parents.

Dreams and Imagination Lead to New Approach to the Dentist's Office for Kids 

KidZaam’s Klubhouse flagship clinic is located at 2801 Pleasant View, Prescott Valley, AZ, off of HWY 69. Walt Disney’s influence on KidZaam's founder is clearly seen in this landmark structure which looks like something from Disneyland’s Toon Town. Higgins’s considers Walt Disney a hero and role model. Like Disney, Higgins is following his dreams and imagination to visualize a new kind of approach to Pediatric Dentistry.

Smiles Are Easier To Clean 

These thriving dental offices are founded on a recurring belief of KidZaam dentists - “Let me entertain you with stories and characters that are fun, imaginative and motivating. We have created a great experience for children through story telling, characters, and music, inside the most colorful and fun pediatric dental offices in the country. Besides, its a lot easier to clean teeth on patients who are smiling," says Dr. Higgins.

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