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Why You Need Stickers!

10 December 2015   Custom Sticker Makers | Partner Content

Custom Sticker Makers: Who we are, and why YOU NEED STICKERS!

Custom Sticker Makers was founded in Prescott, Arizona in early 2007.  We are a small, family owned business, offering custom printing on a high quality material for a variety of applications.  Offering a flexible, low-cost way to gain visibility for just about any cause imaginable, we make ordering stickers easy!  Every sticker is printed on high quality outdoor vinyl in full color, and we can create stickers at any shape and any size!  Let us help you put a sticker order together today!

Custom Sticker Printing: The top reasons you can benefit from custom sticker printing

Curious about what you can accomplish with custom stickers? The following are some of the top uses for custom printed stickers and labels.

1. Promote your business

Do you want a fresh and creative ways to get more exposure for your business?  Custom stickers offer an easy inexpensive “guerilla marketing” tactic that turns every bumper into a potential billboard.  Let your customers do your marketing for you, with cleverly designed custom stickers.

2. Promote or fundraise for a non-profit or school

Like for-profit businesses, nonprofit organizations and schools can always benefit from increased visibility to potential supporters. Schools and non-profit organizations can also use custom stickers as a low-cost fundraising tool by selling them or using them to reward donations for a specific cause or campaign. 

3. Promote a band

If you are in a band, you know that having a sticker is nearly as essential as having a business card if you’re in business. Custom stickers offer bands a medium to express their unique style and get their name in the public eye, while giving fans a way to show their support.  

4. Drive traffic to your website

The key to making any website successful is in driving traffic to it. Eye-catching custom stickers that feature your URL are a great way for anyone with a website to generate local attention and interest.

5. Share your artwork

For artists looking for eye-catching, inexpensive ways to promote or sell their artwork, photographic quality custom stickers can offer a cost-effective solution. Not all of your fans can afford to purchase an original piece, so why not offer them the option of purchasing a smaller stickable copy of their favorite painting or drawing?

6. Service compliance

Certain industries such as construction and commercial shipping require stickers noting the nature of materials or on helmets and other gear. Custom printed stickers offer a cost-effective way for manufacturers and other businesses to comply with applicable regulations within their industry.

7. Personal expression

Almost everyone has had great idea at some point for a bumper sticker, whether funny, pithy or political. More and more people are now realizing how easy it is to make custom stickers, and actually make those great ideas happen.  With our low minimum quantities, you can now afford to make your own bumper stickers, all while supporting a small local business.

8. Label your product

Do you have a line of bath and body products, gourmet food items, or any other goods for sale?  If you do, then you know the importance of professional, high quality labeling, and how having the right label can entice your potential customers to buy.  With our full color printing capabilities, you can make your labels really stand out…..and they are waterproof too!

Contact us today, and let us help you create a plan to use your new custom stickers!

We take great pride in producing top quality custom stickers and labels that are made in our facility, right here in Prescott! 

Please do not hesitate to contact with any questions. We are always happy to help!