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The Table Fire in Dugas

The Table Fire is burning about 7 miles northeast of the town of Dugas inside the Cedar Bench Wilderness, according to Mary Nunez, of the Forest Service.
“The crux of the matter, from a technical standpoint is very simple.  If the entire Big Chino Basin acts as one aquifer…..   it’s somewhat inescapable that you’ll eventually impact the springs.” 
With weary grins and smudged faces, the fire fighters nodded politely as people drove by and slowed down to thank them. It had been a tough battle, but they had won this one, and the victory meant homes were saved, and trees would live for another day.

Midnight Fire in Walker

Friday: 8:00 AM: The fire is declared to be contained, although there are still two crews mopping up the scene and keeping it under observation for the weekend.
According to a press release issued by Susan Quayle, Media Relations Coordinator for YCSO, a 2-year-old boy in Cottonwood was uninjured despite a rather adventurous ride.

The iPhone is Coming...

So, you've seen the pictures and the commercials and the keynote, and you want one. You really want one. An iPhone of your very own. But, you live in the Prescott area, a gorgeous place to live, but not exactly a robust metropolitan area. And, you've heard that iPhones are only available at Apple stores, except, Apple doesn't have a store here in Prescott. Not even in Gateway Mall.