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“Let Your Voice Be Heard – Vote,” says County Recorder, Leslie Hoffman.

Gerald Szostak, Joe “Nacho” Baynes and Brad Fain Share How Your Vote Can Raise Over $100,000 for Our Kids

Arizona’s Senators Joined Their GOP Colleagues to Narrowly Approve a Measure That Is the First Step Toward Repealing Obamacare

Presidential Electors Cast Their Votes Today

Presidential electors cast their votes today.

The President Is Not Officially Elected Until the 538 Electoral College Members Meet in Their State Capitals to Cast Their Ballots

According to Yavapai County Recorder Leslie Hoffman, all the ballots are counted and the results are unofficially in.

Today is the Last Day to Vote Early in Person

If you want to vote early, today’s the last day.

Are you ready to vote? 

Last Day to Register to Vote and Extended Hours

The Recorder’s Office will remain open for extended hours on Monday.

Election Day Information

“Let Your Voice Be Heard – Vote” Elec tion Day – Tuesday, August 30, 2016

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